Our Technology

Daring to change the future of linear lighting.

Our technology
at your service

As ODM supplier, we have developed our own technology in order to offer the widest range of linear lighting solutions that you can find in the market, opening for you a large list of new applications that you have never seen before.

"Imagine that you can have your LED strip with a continuous length up to 300 meters, with high efficiency, powered directly with AC without external driver, cuttable every 100mm an connected using a solderless system... How does it sound? We have the capacity to manufacture that and much more..."


We shape and manufacture for
your needs

Because we all are different. We feel, see, dream in different ways, we are here to bring you the light shaped exactly as you need. We share our passion with you, which is not other than making spaces, people, feelings, yourself, bright in the way you desire.


Game changing technologies

Bringing the LED Strip from the field of decoration to the wider world of lighting with new improved features, we are changing the concept of the linear LED lighting. To do that we have developed in the past years:


  • The first driverless strip in the market.
  • The first solder free connection system in the market.
  • Capacity to produce continuous strip up to 300m.


  • New continuous PCB with no soldering points.
  • New low VOC encapsulation materials.
  • Optional encapsulation features: dust free, ESD free, spark less, optical features, and much more.


  • New manufacturing process designed to
    produce any shape of strip.